Barcelona Street Fashion. Showing Personality

Barcelona, Spain. City with it's own atmosphere and mood: always different, but never bad. 
Seems like there is a 24/7 siesta!

People are always friendly, opened, relaxed and taking everything so easy that the only thing you can do is just catch every moment you spend admiring them in this incredible city...

Now, I am already in Montenegro (near Budva), having vacations finally, so I got lots of time to fix my memories about my trip to Barca I just came back from. I am looking through the pictures I made and now wanna share some Barcelona Street Fashion with you :)

Today I will show the first part, which I called "Showing Personality". Here you will see photos of people wearing incredibly different types of clothes in different manners. The key thing: it's always showing who they are and you feel they are expressing themselves.

Amazing girl from Brussels wearing boyfriend's t-shirt as a dress
(Zara Men)

feminine pastels

Old Fashion - New Balance :)

hi, Korea! 

with hand-made necklaces

jumpsuit + high boots

I'm a businessman, businessman... :)

bananas in creative pyjamas :)

just an amazing shot... and like they use motobikes even wearing suits! %)

her lady elegance with a brutal guy :)

I really like these laces :)))))

feminine grange look near the trash...

is he wanna be an american boy or what?...

stripes...running stripes...

sooo classical: red+white in summer. nothing extra

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Hope, you enjoyed!
My big hugs,
yours Anastasia


  1. oooooo wowww!! that's so cute!!*.*
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu

  2. Я в восторге от Вашего блога! Совершенно случайно нашла Вас, и хочу сказать, что Вы молодец! Желаю Вам удачи с Вашим блогом!)

    Буду рада увидеть Вас в своем блоге)



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